School of Public Health
School of Public Health

The history of School of Public Health (SPH), Xi’an Jiaotong University Health Science Center (XJTU-HSC), can be traced to the Discipline of Public Health, former Northwest Medical College (NWMC), established in September 1949. The Department of Preventive Medicine, Xi’an Medical University (XMU), was established in 1986 and was upgraded to School of Public Health (SPH) in 1997. In 2000, SPH was renamed as Department of Public Health after the merge of XMU, XJTU and Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics, and became a branch of School of Medicine, XJTU. The SPH, XJTU-HSC was re-established in 2013.

Currently, the SPH has over 90 full-time and part-time staff, including 20 professors, 35 associate professors; 21 PhD supervisors, 56 master degree supervisors. All the part-time staff are senior academic staff outside of SPH and XJTU, including 1 Academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy, 1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, and 6 directors of provincial/local health administration or professional departments. SPH is authorized to offer doctoral and master degrees in the first level discipline of public health and preventive medicine, to offer Master of Public Health (MPH) and has postdoctoral research center for public health and preventive medicine. SPH has several departments as follows: Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Dept. of Occupational and Environmental Health, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Safety, Dept. of Child,Adolescent and Maternal Health , Dept. of Toxicology and Sanitary Analysis, Institute of Endemic Disease, Research Center for Health Reform and Development, and Experimental Teaching Center. SPH also have research institutes, e.g., Key Laboratory of Trace Elements and Endemic Diseases of National Health and Family Planning Commission, Nutrition and Food Safety Engineering Research Center of Shaan’xi Province, Collaborative Innovation Center of Endemic Diseases and Health Promotion for Silk Road Region of Shaan’xi Province, XJTU Institute of Preventive Medicine Research, Center for Health Information Big Data Management and Analysis. SPH is also a key member of Shaanxi Institute of Health Reform and Development.

The SPH emphasizes characteristics of education as “deepening foundation, widening caliber, extending capability, respecting health ethics, expertise on health science”, aiming at developing innovative public health professional training with caring, duty, international perspective and competitive capacity. SHP is enrolling full-time undergraduate students in preventive medicine, full-time research master students, full-time Master of Public Health (MPH) students, full-time PhD students, part-time MPH and PhD students. We are among the first batch of universities in developing MPH (1998) and Doctor of Public Health (Dr.PH, 2011) education in China, with support of China Medical Board (CMB) in the United States. SPH has established XJTU Shaanxi Institute of Prevention Medicine with cooperation from China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Shaanxi CDC. The SPH has also developed long term cooperation with prestigious international universities, e.g., The University of Texas in the United States, The University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, and The University of Sydney in Australia. All these endeavors aim to deepen university-local and international cooperation, and to build up “China Western Innovation Platform for Public Health Education and Research”. Currently, a few thousands of alumni from SPH have become backbone force in healthcare and disease control domains in China and abroad.

SPH focuses on the front line of global public health and preventive medicine; concords with significant public health issues among the population in the west of China, and has developed specific research areas as following: maternal and child nutrition and health evaluation, environment and endemic disease, infectious diseases control and prevention, food quality and safety, child development and body and mind health, health policy and medical ethics. The relevant research projects have got support from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Commission of Health and Family Planning, National Natural Science Foundation of China, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and CMB, et al., with a total fund over 50 million RMB on the research. A lot of studies from SPH have been published in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals, e.g., BMJ, Int J Epidemiol, Hepatology, Pediatrics, Arthritis Rheumatol, and J Nutr, which some were regarded as F1000 by international authorities. The SPH have won 2 prizes of Klaus Schwarz awarded by the International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry and 2 First Prizes of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award. The SPH has been in charge of revising several national and professional standard (e.g., Criteria for Evaluating Therapeutic Effect of Kashin-Beck Disease) and editing three core academic journals (e.g., China Medical Ethics).

The SPH follows “based on the west, serve the country, world first class”, the orientation of XJTU, and “respect morality and health, seek the truth and innovation”, the culture of XJTU-HSC, and serves the “Belt and Road Initiative” of China and aim of building the first class university by XJTU. Besides, the XJTU is now building up the Western China Science & Technology Innovation Harbour Wisdom Uni-Town. Aiming at global health frontier and conjoining requirement of China’s medical and health services development, the SPH staff are working hard to develop public health training, research and social service in building up public health and preventative medicine discipline with specific characteristics, high standard and internationalization, to make more contribution to the public health development in China.


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