School of Basic Medical Sciences
School of Basic Medical Sciences

The disciplines ofbasic medical sciences in Xi’an Jiaotong University originated from 1937, andSchool of Basic Medical Sciences has been undertaking the specialized corecurriculum for undergraduates majoring in Clinical Medicine, Oral Medicine,Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Nursing, ForensicMedicine, along with the English teaching of specialized core curriculum foroverseas medical students. Meanwhile, the school also provides the compulsoryspecialized core curriculum for all medical graduate students. The master anddoctoral degrees were authorized by Academic Degrees Committee of State Councilamong the first batch in 1979 and 1981. School of Basic Medical Sciences ofXi’an Medical University was found in 1986, and turned into School of Medicinein Xi’an Jiaotong University after the Xi’an Medical University was merged withXi’an Jiaotong University and Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics inApril 2000. The organizational structure of School of Basic Medical Scienceswas abandoned since that time, but the disciplines blossomed from then on. In2000, “Basic Medical Science” was authorized as the first level discipline ofdoctoral degree and the training place for the post-doctors. In 2007 and 2010,“Biology” was authorized as the first level discipline of doctoral degree andthe training place for the post-doctors. Physiology was also authorized as thestate key discipline.        

In 2012, the Xi’anJiaotong University Health Science Center was founded, and School of BasicMedical Sciences regained its organization structure, including 7 departments. Theschool now has 185 faculties, with one selected in “Chinese Thousand Talents”program, 3 selected as “New Century Excellent Talents in University”, 3 as“Shaanxi Hundred Talents”, 31 professors, 52 associate professors, 48 lecturersor teaching assistants, 54 assistant professionals in teaching or researching,as well as 20 new lecturers, who all have taken initial shape as ideologically activeand coherently creative for ranks of teachers.    

Commissions of our school in researchare to understand the essence of life phenomenon, reveal the laws of lifeactivities and offer new healthy theories. The discipline of our school followsclosely with the international frontier hotspots, combined with the key healthdemands of our nation, local development and demands for human health. Seriesof research studies are conducted, relying on research platforms such as KeyLaboratory of Environment and Genes Related to Diseases in Ministry ofEducation and Shaanxi Experimental Animal Center, which form the distinctivelyoutstanding and relatively stable professional disciplines and research fields.During 2012-2013, we undertook 4 national key projects (such as National 973,863 Programs and the National Key Technology R&D Program) and 62 projectssupported by the National Natural Science Foundations, published 212 SCIindexed research papers, obtained 23 national invention patents and 4 patentsfor utility model, as well as once awarded as the first class for science andtechnology in Shaanxi province.      

We have 2 nationalexcellent teaching teams (Physiology and Pharmacology), 1 national excellentcourse (Physiology), 1 bi-lingual model course (Pharmacology), and 1 excellentopen class (Physiology). In 2013, we were once awarded the second class fornational teaching achievement, and also the second class for teachingachievement in Shaanxi province. One thousand two hundred seventeen graduateswith master’s degree, 641 with doctoral degree were trained. Two hundred andthree Ph.D. candidates and master’s degree students have been recruitedrecently.   

Supported by National“211” and “985” Scientific and Technical Innovation Platforms, researchcondition of the School of Basic Medical Sciences has been improved, teachingranks optimized, as well as creativity capacity enhanced. With the dedicated support from both theuniversity and health science center, we will go on meliorating our teachingorganization, enhancing the research level and quality of the talents,constructing benign campus culture, strengthening the function of socialservices, expanding international co-operation and exchange, to eventuallyfulfill the overall and rapid development of our school.  





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