Medical Education in Xi'an Jiaotong University

The Health Science Center offers seven majors to multiple level students, including Clinical medicine (programs for 5 years, 5+3 years integration, Hou Zonglian Experimental Class and international students), Dentistry (programs for 5 years and international students), Public health (program for 5 years), Forensic medicine (program for 5 years), Nursing, Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical engineering. There are six Doctoral Degree Programs in the first level discipline, including Biology, Basic medicine, Clinical medicine, Public health and Preventive medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing. There are 58 Doctoral Degree Programs in the second level discipline, 12 and 66 Master Degree Programs in the first and second level discipline, respectively. Up to June 2018, the number of students in the Health Science Center is 5,551, including 2,764 undergraduates, 632 international students, 564 doctoral candidates, and 1,591 postgraduates.

In 1958, to advocate the integration of theory with practice and combination of basic and clinical medicine, the Health Science Center proposed a relatively complete curriculum reform plan for human body system. In 1986, as one of the earliest two colleges in China, we launched PBL teaching pattern. We started 7 years program in 1988 as the first group of medical school and first launched MBBS program fully delivered in English in 1995 in the whole country. We took the lead to draft the interim provisions on the quality control standards of medical education (Teaching in English) for International undergraduates in China in 2005 and established the Hou Zonglian Medical Experimental Class in 2007. We kept focusing on reform for training pattern of the combination of organ-system  integrative course and PBL teaching pattern. We had been authorized as one of the first group of test units for comprehensive reform of clinical medicine and excellent doctor training plan, working for the reform of training patterns for 5 years Clinical medicine program, Master of medicine, and outstanding and innovative medical scientist. We also took the lead to establish the ally for Holistic Integrative medical course in China and coordinate the publication the first group of textbooks of organ-system holistic integration (27 sets) for clinical medicine and relevant specialties in China.  As the leader for the medical education ally in northwest and committee of high-level medical education in Shaanxi province, we have made an important contribution to the development of medical education in northwest of China.

Up to now, we have more than 40 national, provincial and school-level “excellent courses”, 3 national and provincial bilingual demonstration courses, 5 national and provincial excellent teaching teams, and 10 deputy directors and members of the National Teaching Steering Committee. There are 9 provincial-level famous teachers, and they have won 7 first prize and second prize of the national teaching achievement award.


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